About Veronica's Jewellery

Veronica’s Jewellery is a family company founded in 1994.

Originally it started off as a modest jewellery showroom in Kefalonia island in Greece but now it specializes in designing, making and selling an extensive range of hand-crafted jewels in various locations around the world either through retail or wholesale.

Our motto is Quality, affordability and contemporary designs. The beauty and eternal simplicity of traditional Greek jewellery and their evolution over the millennia acts as an inspiration and a compass to help us create modern, elegant and memorable pieces of jewellery.

We believe that the centre and the success of our business relies lies with understanding and meeting the needs of our clientele.

Our aim for the future is to keep growing through the opening of new showrooms, the expansion of our digital platforms and last, but not least, the continuous creation of stunning and inspiring jewellery that enhances the Veronica’s Brand.